Updated Feb 2, 2016


Students and parents should select clothing that is appropriate for an academic and Christian atmosphere. Each student is expected to dress in a manner that is neat, clean, and modest.

Students are expected to observe the dress code guidelines, and parents are expected to give their students guidance. The administration and teachers of WCS will maintain and enforce the dress code from the time a student arrives on campus until the student is off campus.

• Shorts must be no higher than 4” above the knee when standing. In elementary school, shorts may only be worn before Fall Break and after Spring Break. Secondary students may not wear athletic shorts outside of PE or athletics practice.

• Shirts (or other clothing) displaying suggestive or disruptive lettering and/or symbols, secular music groups, alcohol or tobacco products are not permitted. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, bare midriff tops, halter tops, or any similar attire are not permitted.

• Skirt hemlines must be no higher than 2” above the knee when standing.

• Hats, visors, or any head covering are not allowed to be worn in the buildings.

• Pants must be worn around the waist and not drag the floor.

• All clothing should be free of tears, holes, and frayed hems.

• Body piercings other than girls’ ears are not permitted.

• Tattoos must be covered.

• Hair is to be clean, neatly trimmed, and out of the eyes. Hairstyles that are dyed unnatural or multiple colors, mohawks, or ponytails (boys) are not permitted. Facial hair for young men must be kept short and neatly trimmed.

Special dress for activities will be regulated by the instructor with the approval of the administration. When attending after hours WCS activities, students are expected to wear clothing that meets dress code guidelines. Parents are asked to monitor students dress before they leave home.

Physical Education/Athletics Dress Code

Dress code will be established by the P.E. instructor for each activity but will conform to our school dress code. Students are required to wear clean, non-marking athletic shoes while on the gym floor.

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

If a student’s attire violates the dress code, the parents will be required to bring the proper dress items. The student will sit in the office until appropriate clothing can be obtained. After the first violation, the consequences of violating the dress code will be after school detention and/or work related tasks. On the third dress code violation a student will be given a one day out of school suspension.

Pay Online!

WCS is excited to introduce E-giving! Payments can now be made online with a credit/debit card or bank account draft. E-giving allows parents to pay tuition, athletic and other school fees or make gifts to WCS online!! It will only take a few minutes to set up your account here:

Key features include:

Process a one-time payment immediately, process a one-time payment for a future date, or process a monthly recurring payment with a beginning and an ending date. Please be aware that payments may take up to 3 days to process. You may still pay with a check or cash via the office.

The E-giving account manager, Angelina Sapienza, can help you with any questions you have about how to set up your E giving account or any problems you encounter with the system. Her number is 877-771-3336 ext. 2025.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and hope that it is a time saver and blessing for your family.

All WCS Mustangs family! We are encouraging you to sign up early for concessions and gate. People are choosing their spots now, so this is a good time to plan ahead and select the games you wish to serve this season. We will also have an updated listed at the OPEN HOUSE Aug 18th 5:30-7:00pm for those who want to sign up in person.

Please click here to access the form, then add your name and phone number in the appropriate section......

Thanks to those who have taken time to fill in their names, and we look forward to more volunteers soon. We are the Mustangs and we do it better together!

Casey Parham WCS Athletic Director

An updated 2015-16 Student Handbook is available for download.