Field Trips & Activities

All secondary science classes will be participating in the Engineering Fair in Tulsa.

Physical and earth science classes travel to the Omniplex in Oklahoma City.

Earth science class also visits Windle’s Jewelry for a discussion on minerals and precious stones.

10th grade English attends theatrical productions.

Spanish classes travel to La Plaza Santa Cecilia, a local Hispanic market in Tulsa for the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. While there they experience Hispanic culture and engage in actual conversations with local residents.

Yearbook staff starts off the year by attending a photography workshop in September.

The Personal Finance class attends a Stock Simulation event in February.

Biology II class participates in several dissection labs including frog, crayfish, clam, squid, shark, fish and fetal pig.

Other student activities are: Washington D.C. trip, Geography Bee, Math Olympics, senior trip, spirit week, Veterans Day ceremonies, homecoming activities, junior/senior banquet, graduation activities, and STUCO sponsored social events like: skating, swimming, incredible pizza, and much more.

WCS students also have an opportunity for leadership among their peers by being involved in Student Council.