At Wesleyan Christian School, we are deeply committed to age appropriate academic excellence at all levels of development. Our curriculum is comprehensive and specifically designed to lay a solid foundation for future academic success. We recognize the importance of educating the whole child, and therefore offer an educational program which stresses academic, social, emotional and physical development. Daily, students will experience and explore Bible lessons, language arts, mathematics, science, health, history and penmanship in a small class size setting, which enhances our students’ abilities to learn information faster, to go further, and to reach their greatest potential. In addition to our daily studies, we also offer weekly classes in music, art, physical education, computer and library. All areas of curriculum are taught from a biblical worldview.

We believe all students are equipped with God given gifts and we provide opportunities for our students to discover their potential, develop skills with confidence, and compete in a variety of academic contests, such as math, art, speech, choir, band and athletics.