2016-2017 WCS Basic International Charges:
Tuition $6,100.00 (US)
Individualized Academic Support $4,000.00 (US)
International Fees $1,900.00 (US)
Books $215.00
Homestay Program $6,800.00 (US)
First Year Costs:
Tuition $6,100.00 (US) (less $1,500 deposit)
Individualized Academic Support $4,000.00 (US)(mandatory non English speaking students)
International Fees $1,900.00 (US)
Books $215.00
Application Fee $250.00 (one-time)
I20 Fee $250.00 (each I20)
International Student Deposit $1,500 (applied to tuition)
Home Stay Program $6,800.00 (US)

New Students: First year fees must be paid in full prior to entering the United States. Tuition and fees for a first year student are NON REFUNDABLE.

Returning Students With English Proficiency*:
Tuition $6,100.00 (US)
International Fees $1,900.00 (US)
Curriculum Fees $215.00
Home Stay Expenses $6,800.00 (US)
Total Basic Cost:
$8,215.00 (WITHOUT Home Stay Program)
$15,015.00 (WITH Home Stay Program)
Returning Students Without English Proficiency*:
Tuition $6,100.00 (US)
Individualized Academic Support $4,000.00 (US)
International Fees $1,900.00 (US)
Curriculum Fees $215.00
Home Stay Expenses $6,800.00 (US)
Total Basic Cost:
$12,215.00 (WITHOUT Home Stay Program)
$19,015.00 (WITH Home Stay Program)

All Returning Students: Host family fees must be paid in full for the year prior to June 30. The full year's tuition must also be paid prior to June 30; however, if the student leaves prior to the end of the school year, up to 50% of the remaining semester's tuition may be refunded.

Explanation of Fees

International Fee Includes:

Enrollment fee: Paid yearly; covers enrollment processing, reentry documents and class schedule review: $100.00

Administrative fee: Homeland Security Administration compliance, DSO recording, record keeping, and form processing; class selection and teacher liaison; periodic host home visits and documentation; quarterly field trips for international students: $1,800.00

Additional Services :

*Individual Academic Support- Cross curriculum individualized support by certified instructor. This service is available for all international students for the duration of their enrollment. It is mandatory for students not proficient in English: $4,000.00 (yearly) *Exemption from this fee requires student to submit English Proficiency Test score to DSO. Minimum score depends upon test submitted.

Home Stay Program: Matches student with compatible host family to enhance the cultural exchange and provide room, board, and support.

Host Family Funds- Paid to the host family to offset room, board, and other living expenses. $6,000.00

Host Family Coordination— Locating and matching student/family; processing host family background information and background checks, host family support, periodic visits, assessments, consultation, mediation, and follow up: $800.00

Additional School Fees

Optional Fees:

Before or after school care--check with school offices for prices

Lunch (he can bring his own lunch or purchase from the cafeteria)--check with office for prices

Retreat--9th through 12th grade students go on a day retreat at the beginning of the school year where they participate in organized games and activities to help get to know the new students. The cost for the retreat is $20-25 dollars and there is an additional fee for an optional t-shirt.

Athletic fees are based on the sport--each one is different

Band fee is $30 per semester (plus cost of instrument)

Graduation fees for seniors

Optional class trips (such as to Washington, D.C) for sophomore, junior and senior students

Additional Living and Entertainment Expenses

Medical Insurance

International students are expected to have their own medical insurance by the time they arrive on campus. Insurance costs vary depending upon the age of the student and the amount of coverage desired. Several companies provide insurance coverage for international students on a daily, monthly, or annual basis and the coverage can be purchased online. Student insurance companies include ISO Insurance; International Student Insurance; and Compass Student Health Insurance; or the company of your choice.

Home Stay

Our international program features a home stay where students are placed in the home of a host family. The fee is $6,800 per year and includes placement, housing, and in-house meals. Additional costs may also be incurred and should be budgeted for. These may include:


Personal items

Field trips

Individual outings with friends, movies, restaurant meals, etc.

Personally chosen snacks, treats, etc.

Personal cell phone expenses


Credit Cards

This is a good method for paying for extra expenses in the United States; however, some companies have restrictions on issuing credit cards to international students since they have not established a U.S. credit history. Using credit cards from a home country is an option; for example, Eurocard, Barclaycard, American Express, Visa or Mastercard are excellent choices. You may wish to establish a monthly limit on the card.


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