WCS Elementary Curriculum

Wesleyan Christian School’s elementary curriculum offers a complete and balanced course offering. All subjects are thoroughly biblically integrated.

WCS elementary curriculum includes the following subjects:

■ Bible ■ Phonics ■ Reading ■ Math ■ Science ■ History ■ Penmanship ■ Spanish ■ Health

We also offer these “pull out” classes: Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer and Beginning Band. Students are also given the opportunity to visit the school library weekly. Children in K4 – 5th grade have two recesses daily. In most classes the textbooks that are used are predominately A Beka and Bob Jones.

We are committed to keeping our class sizes small. This allows for individual attention that helps students reach their full potential. The lower elementary grades place a high priority on reading success, which is taught through phonics and other creative methods. Teaching is hands-on and encourages analytical thinking and questioning.

Good communication with parents is a high priority. Parents can visit or email their student’s teacher directly. The elementary teachers report daily on each student through the use of student planners and Renweb. Renweb is an online school management program that allows parents to see their student’s grades, lesson plans, and homework.

How many times have parents seen their children become frustrated as they’re studying for an exam, overwhelmed by a large amount of notes and information?

At WCS, our upper elementary grades provide your student with the necessary tools to transition them into their junior and senior high classes. They will learn critical organizational skills that will enable them to experience academic success.