WCS Middle School Curriculum

The Wesleyan Christian School middle school curriculum offers an academically rigorous atmosphere. All subjects are thoroughly biblically integrated. Teaching is hands-on and encourages analytical thinking and questioning.

Good communication with parents is a high priority. Renweb is our online school management program that allows parents to see their student’s grades, lesson plans, and homework. Parents are encouraged to keep up with their student’s progress in each subject area by checking Renweb. Parents can visit or e-mail their student’s teacher directly.

Course Descriptions

Bible-7th Grade focuses on fifty-seven lessons based on material from the four Gospels. The purpose is to help the student glorify God by being conformed to the image of Christ as presented in the Gospels and to teach the student to apply Scripture to his daily life. Each lesson emphasizes a character quality the student is to develop, an action he is to carry out, or a truth he is to believe.

Bible-8th Grade covers a wide range of topics that cover Paul’s missionary journeys and Joshua and the Judges. The students will also read and discuss In His Steps by Charles Sheldon and Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan. Through the text and bible study students will experience a Bible based instruction of how character shapes our daily walk with God and fellow Christians.

The 7th grade Math class encompasses the study of variable usage in equations, applying variables to word problems, use of decimals, geometric figures, factors, multiples, fractions, percent, area, volume, and integers.

7th Grade Life Science is the study of living things. Students will learn an appreciation for God’s creation and discover how our planet was uniquely created for life. This lab science will cover topics of cytology, genetics, origins, classification, Kingdom Animalia and ecology.

7th Grade World History is a survey of the history of the world from a conservative, Christian perspective as part of a well-rounded program designed to give students a deeper understanding of our world history and a working knowledge of world geography.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra is the connection between arithmetic and algebra. Students will gain the needed skills to advance to Algebra I by reinforcing mathematical concepts taught in previous years and introducing new concepts needed for advancement.

Algebra I introduces the concept of real numbers and familiarizing the students with all of the operations between real numbers, working with multivariable equations, polynomials, fractions, functions and linear equations.

Earth Science 8th Grade helps students see that everything is a beautiful creation of God. By studying the bible’s origins of the earth, the amazing beauty of the cosmos, the intricacy of the atmosphere and its weather, the resourcefulness of the lithosphere (earth itself), and the systems prevalent in the hydrosphere, students will be able to see the obvious design from a Creator in our world. This course will also instill in the students the ability to look at science with a Biblical worldview.

8th Grade United States History is a survey of the history of the United States from a conservative, Christian perspective as part of a well-rounded program designed to give students a deeper understanding of our nation’s history and a working knowledge of the geography of the Western Hemisphere.