Welcome to Wesleyan Christian School

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to Wesleyan Christian School. We are glad that you are considering WCS for the education of your child and want to do all that we can to help you fulfill your spiritual and educational goals for them.

Wesleyan Christian School offers a unique educational experience that integrates both learning and faith. It incorporates an advanced curriculum that is taught solidly within the framework of the inerrant Word of God. Students will not only develop their God given intellectual abilities, but will be nurtured in their own personal relationship with God, firmly grounded in a worldview that is thoroughly biblical. The result is a student that is not only academically prepared for college or a career of their choosing, but one who has also grown in Christ-likeness in order to make a positive contribution to their home, church and community.

WCS recognizes its responsibility to partner with parents and their local church to reinforce their values within an evangelical context. Nurturing a love for God, a love for one another, and a desire to develop their gifts for God's glory is our goal. We seek to develop spiritually grounded young men and women who are academically prepared and ready to serve God and their fellow man.

Your Co-laborer in Christ,

Rocky Clark, Administrator